A la Découverte du FORT DE SUCY

Lessons from a defeat

The bombardment of Paris after the two sieges of 1870 had shown that the forts of 1840 were placed too close to the city walls, now that the new artillery had a range of up to 8km (5 miles).

Bastioned forts, in service for 350 years, had shown their limits: ditches too wide, earthwork ramparts too narrow, barracks too vulnerable, and central courts too dangerous.
Railways had proven their efficacy in rapidly transporting Prussian troops and artillery.

The 1874 Military Programme

From 1872, a Defence Committee elaborated a programme of fortifications covering all of France's frontiers. Within this framework, a vast camp protected by retrenchments, which was to serve as the strategic pivot between the railways of the East and the North, was organised around by the addition the Second Fortified Belt.

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